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New Gummies to Make PMS Less Troublesome

PMS Gummies are vegan and filled with natural herbs, crafted to relieve unpleasant period symptoms like cramps, pain, and mood swings.

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On a beautiful summer evening, we transformed our fields into a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience, worthy of a star!

Best Natural Ingredients.
No over-promising facts.
Best Natural Ingredients.
No over-promising facts.
Best Natural Ingredients.
No over-promising facts.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

Is CBD safe?

According to a preliminary WHO report published in 2018, naturally occurring CBD is completely safe and well-tolerated by both humans and animals, and its consumption is not associated with any adverse health effects.

Does CBD Have Intoxicating Effects?

The answer is no. Products containing CBD do not exhibit intoxicating effects, nor do they cause anxiety or appetite surges, which are mainly associated with THC. However, CBD does increase concentration, induces a sense of relaxation, and reduces anxiety, while alleviating many distressing symptoms of various conditions. CBD will undoubtedly help you relax and feel better, but this will occur without the intoxicating sensation characteristic of THC.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Yes! Purchasing CBD oils online is legal. As in most European countries, oils available for sale cannot contain more than 0.3% THC (another cannabinoid). You can be assured that Eir Health's CBD oils meet all legal requirements, and their purchase and possession are no different than, for example, vitamin D tablets.

Can I Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

Since CBD does not exhibit intoxicating effects, there are no legal prohibitions against driving under its influence. Cannabidiol in the bloodstream does not impair the abilities needed for safe driving. However, if you do not feel up to driving after consuming CBD – don’t! Be a responsible driver and choose public transport or a taxi.

For more answers to popular questions, check our FAQ section below!


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