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CBD Oil NO.12: Natural

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Embrace the authentic essence of hemp with our new CBD Oil NO.12: Natural. Tailored for enthusiasts of genuine hemp flavors, this oil stands out with its characteristic greenish hue and rich aroma, delivering an exceptionally hemp-centric taste experience. Its unique composition includes an extract from partially decarboxylated cannabis flowers, which not only provides CBD but also a significant amount of CBDa. This combination ensures a profound and authentic hemp flavor profile that's both pure and potent. Perfect for those seeking an unadulterated hemp experience.
How to Use

Using the dropper, apply 0.5-1 ml of oil directly under your tongue. Hold the oil in your mouth for half to one minute before swallowing. Although this method may seem unconventional, it is considered the most effective way to deliver CBD to the body.

It is recommended to use the oil 2 to 3 times a day, adjusting the amount according to individual needs. Each person may react differently to CBD, so finding the most appropriate dosage may require a trial-and-error approach.


1 ml of CBD Oil NO.12 contains:

  • Cannabis sativa L. - 40 mg,
  • MCT Oil

CBD Oil for Natural Extract Enthusiasts

CBD Oil NO.12: Natural is the most classic product in our range, distinguished by its characteristic greenish hue, and the noticeable aroma and taste typical of hemp. We produce it from our own flower buds, but what sets it apart from other options is its high content of CBDa (a natural cannabinoid that turns into CBD under the influence of temperature).

This product is the perfect choice for those who fondly remember the original Eir Health oils, in the versions we produced in 2019-2021.

Key Ingredients

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question below, remember that you can always contact us directly.

WHAT MAKES NO.12 DIFFERENT FROM, other oils like NO.15?

he main differences are noticeable in two areas. Firstly, in terms of taste and aroma. In the case of NO.15 (as well as NO.6 and NO.30), we have maximally neutralized the distinctive hemp scent and taste so that they are neutral and easy to use for everyone.

NO.12, on the other hand, is a product aimed at hemp flavor enthusiasts. It has a very "grassy" taste, aroma, and appearance.

The second difference is the cannabinoid profile. Both oils are produced from plants from our cultivation, but from slightly different hemp strains. Additionally, in the case of NO.6/NO.15/NO.30, the entire dry material is decarboxylated before extraction, while in NO.12 only part of the dry material is decarboxylated, which allows preserving significant amounts of CBDa, the precursor of CBD.

Does this mean that NO.12 is more effective? Probably not. Research on the use of acidic forms (such as CBDa) is ongoing, and as of today, we cannot provide a definitive answer to this question. Therefore, we decided to give you a choice✌️


Yes, you can use it interchangeably with any other oils from our offer.


No. THC is completely removed from the product during production. Its legally permissible levels do not guarantee additional health benefits, and its presence in the body can sometimes cause legal inconveniences.