About us

We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

With this attitude, we confidently entered the CBD market a few years ago and are proud to say we've remained true to it. Our brand is committed to quality and authenticity. You've probably heard that money isn't everything. While many in our field chase after results, we step aside from the race to focus on more than just good marketing. We emphasize accurate knowledge, education, scientific approach, and promoting the values behind our success.

Bottle of CBD oil ISO 15 on a green background, held between fingers.

Why CBD?

No two bodies are exactly alike. Some of us have freckles, others don’t. You may enjoy a hot cup of tea when your throat is sore, but others may prefer a cough drop. Similarly, CBD isn’t for everyone.

For some people, cannabinoids work wonders; it may help them feel less stressed, sleep better, relief pain and many more benefits. But this isn’t the case for everyone.

At Eir Health we won’t over-promise; only you can judge whether CBD works. We will be as fair as possible when it comes to explaining how CBD can help (and show you the studies to back it up). We will share real stories and real experiences.
We aim to empower you to make the best decision for your needs, no matter what.

We're Not Afraid of the Facts

From the very beginning, we knew that apart from products, we wanted to offer you knowledge backed by research. We tell it like it is, and sometimes it varies, because CBD isn't black and white, and we don't try to hide that. We're far from making false promises and convincing people that CBD is a magical solution to all the world's problems. That's why a rational scientific approach is so important to us. We prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground rather than walk with our heads in the clouds.

CBD Journal

We Focus on Quality

We control the entire production process, from the sowing of the seed to the shipment of the finished product to individual customers and business partners. This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality CBD.

On our fields, located in regions including Greater Poland, we cultivate carefully selected hemp varieties without the use of pesticides, ensuring an optimal profile of cannabinoids.

We create CBD oils using the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which guarantees the purity of the final product while preserving the full health benefits of the plant.

Additionally, every batch is tested multiple times during production, and the results of independent studies are available on the page of each product.

We Strive to Minimize Our Environmental Impact

Just as we care about people, we also care about the environment. We try to implement nature-friendly solutions at every possible stage because it is thanks to nature that we can share the benefits of hemp with you. We cultivate our plants without using artificial fertilizers, and we package our products in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

We ship our products in as small packaging as possible, made from recycled cardboard. The paint used for their decoration is water-based.

We secure our products using paper fillers from recycling.

Our adhesive tape is made from strong, coated brown kraft paper. The top is coated with a rubber adhesive, and the print is applied using water-based ink.

We utilize biodegradable mailing bags made from starch-based resin. Our mailing bags are compostable under industrial conditions.

Meaning of Eir

First, pronunciation. Eir sounds like “air,” with a soft "a" sound. In Old Norse mythology, Eir was the goddess of healing, renowned for her mercy, peacefulness, and help in times of trouble. We want to deliver these same values to you, through our products.