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5 Common Conditions Made More Manageable with CBD

From chronic pain to anxiety, sleep disturbances, and beyond, CBD has emerged as a natural ally in managing various health conditions. This article highlights five key areas where CBD's therapeutic...

Life is a balancing act. You work 9 to 5, but parent 24/7. You set long term goals but roll with last-minute plans. You strive for more, but practice gratitude for what you have. And as a growing number of CBD users can attest, managing the balancing act of life is more fulfilling when you face each day well-rested, free of pain and full of confidence.

CBD use may be on the rise as of late, but CBD is by no means a new treatment option. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the cannabis plant. For centuries, cannabis has been hailed for its medicinal properties—and now contemporary research supports its potential to ease symptoms associated with a variety of common ailments, including:

For centuries, cannabis has been hailed for its medicinal properties—and now contemporary research supports its potential to ease symptoms associated with a variety of common ailments


Anxious thoughts and feelings can rob you of your confidence and autonomy. Those considering taking anti-anxiety medication may want to first try CBD. A number of studies point to CBD’s ability to suppress users’ panic response—perspiration, difficulty breathing and other anxiety symptoms—without the slew of side effects associated with anti-anxiety medications.

In one such study, researchers tasked volunteers (some diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder and others not) with preparing a speech and presenting it in front of a video camera—an assignment known to induce stress even in individuals not prone to panic. Sure enough, a single dose of CBD (300 mg) significantly decreased stress levels in both socially anxious and control participants. Those given a placebo struggled through their speech with stress that caused cognitive impairment and discomfort.


From aloe vera to turmeric, Mother Nature offers a wealth of remedies for arthritis-related pain, but perhaps none as effective as CBD.

The application of transdermal CBD gel has been proven to significantly reduce joint swelling and associated pain. For arthritis sufferers, CBD may not only offer temporary relief, but long-term benefits. This is due to CBD’s effect on T-cells, a subset of white blood cells that trigger crucial immune system responses. Though T-cells are integral to immune function, a misguided attack can result in rheumatoid arthritis. Use of CBD oil is shown to restrain T-cell function.


Anxious thoughts and chronic pain can certainly disturb your sleep schedule. No matter the source, insomnia is an ailment proven to negatively impact mood, immune function and weight management. Those afflicted with insomnia often turn to sleeping pills that elevate their likelihood of overdose, accidents, and developing certain cancers. For these and other reasons, insomniacs increasingly eschew sleeping pills for the low-risk relief CBD provides.

CBD’s anti-anxiety properties relax the mind and raise the body’s naturally occurring levels of melatonin, a hormone that tells the body it’s time for bed. Users enjoy a drastic improvement in quality of sleep and waking life.


Smoking cigarettes is an expensive, inconvenient, and widely frowned upon habit that kills 480,000 Americans each year. Quitting greatly reduces your odds of developing cancer and dramatically improves cardiovascular health—extending your life expectancy by a full decade. Many smokers attempt to quit, but only 6% succeed. You’ve chewed the gum, you’ve worn the patch, but have you tried CBD?

Researchers from University College London performed an experiment on 24 people who wished to quit smoking. Each subject received an inhaler with instructions to use it every time they felt an urge to smoke. Some were CBD inhalers, others placebo. After one week, participants who received a placebo inhaler reported no change in the volume of cigarettes smoked. Those given the CBD inhaler reported a combined 40% reduction.


Cleanser. Face mask. Serum. Rinse and repeat. If you suffer from acne, you’ve likely spent a good deal of money and time on the elaborate application of expensive solutions containing harsh chemicals. Why not try a more gentle, holistic approach?

That’s right! In addition to helping you reduce anxiety, alleviate the pain of arthritis, stop the cycle of insomnia, and wean off  cigarettes, CBD can clear your skin. CBD use not only stifles the emotional triggers of acne, but applied topically, CBD oil soothes your skin’s inflammatory response and helps limit the production of pore-clogging sebum.

Conditions like the ones listed above can dull life’s ups and further complicate life’s downs. According to the latest research, the appropriate dose of CBD may help to restore balance.

Science is quickly uncovering the scope of CBD’s healing potential. Click here to explore how CBD may help you.


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