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Finding Calm: How CBD Can Help Manage Stress

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a common yet challenging aspect of daily life. CBD offers a natural pathway to tranquility, helping to ease stress and foster a sense...


Stress is an inseparable part of our reality. It can be simply defined as the body's specific reaction to situations that upset its natural balance, burden it, or exceed the ability to cope effectively. These disturbing situations are known as stressors. Their source can be both physical (e.g. noise, overcrowding) and social (e.g. unemployment, family problems, loss of a loved person).

The body's response to stressors can be really valuable. The first phase of stress mobilizes the body's strength and increases cognitive performance. That’s why moderate stress may have positive and mobilizing effects, stimulating and motivating to action or helping solve a difficult task and find a way out of a situation.


But what if stress starts to impact your life differently, bothering you instead of helping? The negative impact of stress sometimes can overshadow its positive effects. From a physiological point of view, stress can appear through the decrease in immunity, palpitations, breathing problems, and chest tightness. Common negative effects which hit people dealing with stress are also insomnia and frequent waking up at night, fainting for no apparent reason, frequent migraine and pressure pain headache, backache, skin problems and allergies, asthma, tremor and stickiness of the hands, caused by excessive sweating - another somatic symptom of stress.


Above side-effects of stress supposed to be quite harmless over the havoc that chronic stress wreaks. The human body is not able to deal with the effects of chronic stress without harming health. Then depression and neurosis, heart diseases, migraines, ulcers, or even arterial hypertension become the most common and - in one fell swoop - dangerous sequels of this affliction.

Hardly anyone knows that besides damages that chronic stress may cause to the body, it has also a huge impact on the most important organ - the brain. Even though there’s still a lot of research exploring this field, we have some evidence that chronic stress has a lot of common with brain changes, unfortunately in a bad way. For now, scientists are quite sure that chronic stress leads to changes both in the brain’s structure and its chemistry.

It has been proved that some areas of the brain, which are prone to stress can become much more active over time, at the cost of the others. That may lead to the situation in which certain brain parts may decline or even dwindle. The bad news is that even if you manage to u-turn your current lifestyle drastically to avoid certain stressors, these changes can be irreversible and still affect the rest of the body a in disturbing way. That’s why finding help in this situation early enough is crucial. As it turns out, this help can be < href="/shop/cbd-olie/full-spectrum-cbd-oil"> CBD.


For a lot of people who struggle with everyday stress, CBD turns to be the remedy they’ve been looking for. It is hardly surprising. According to the latest research, the right dose of CBD, e.g. in the form of full-spectrum CBD oil, effectively restores vital balance and good health, which everyday stress can disturb.

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CBD, which is an abbreviation of the full name - cannabidiol, is one of over 100 organic chemicals found naturally in all varieties of cannabis. Next to THC, it is the most popular cannabinoid. It is not surprising, because the list of potential uses of this substance is very long. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it does not greatly affect or impair mental ability throughout the day, which is the main premise to include CBD in a stressful life.


The healing effect of CBD boils down to the endocannabinoid system, which has every mammal, regardless of whether it has contact with cannabis or not. The high importance of this system is influenced by the fact that it helps maintain homeostasis - a stable internal environment in the body. To put it in another way, this system is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance. When this balance is disturbed, e.g. by illness or injury, the endocannabinoid system seeks to regain it. This also happens in the case of stress. Interestingly, scientists now unanimously believe that we have clinical endocannabinoid deficiency because biological evolution is not keeping on top of rapid lifestyle changes, which are also correlated with the feeling of stress.

Endocannabinoid System


Righting balance to the body significantly reduces chronic stress and its effects as headaches, skin problems, heart and circulatory system diseases as well as insomnia. In all these cases, CBD has a healing effect.

For many centuries, CBD has been used as a painkiller and anesthetic, which can be beneficial in the case of stressful headaches that prevent normal functioning. On the other hand, CBD can also soothe inflammation of the skin, visible improving its appearance. The calming properties of CBD relax the mind and increase the body's naturally occurring levels of melatonin, which gives the body a signal that it's time to go to sleep. The improvement in the quality of sleep while taking CBD is huge, as is the improvement in the quality of life.

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Currently, many forms of this substance are available on the market. However, one of the most effective forms of taking CBD is the so-called CBD oil.

It should be noted that not every CBD oil is worth your while. So how to choose the right CBD oil that will bring relief in stressful situations? The answer is simple. The first step is to choose a reputable company. CBD brands have recently popped up on the market like mushrooms. It is worth trusting experienced sellers who offer the best quality CBD oils. Eir Health products are created using the best method for producing the cleanest and highest-quality CBD extracts, which is supercritical CO2 extraction. This guarantees the purity of the final product while maintaining full-plant properties. The full spectrum of cannabinoids means that the oil benefits from the synergy between these compounds, making the product maximally effective in many ailments. All this makes CBD oils from Eir Health an ideal choice for people struggling with stress.


As mentioned before, chronic stress may cause a lot of health issues including disturbance of circadian rhythm, which frequently appears as decreased concentration during the day, and sleep problems during the night. For those who have no or little experience, dealing with such conditions using traditional CBD oils (full - and broad-spectrum) can be difficult. CBD oils in their basic form need to be taken in proper schemes and frequency depending on the health condition and lifestyle. That's why finding the right way of using traditional CBD oils for stress can be tough for hemp noobs. Luckily, there's a solution for that - CBD oil NO.9: Awake and CBD oil NO.10: Sleep. These functional CBD oils with added mixes of active substances, vitamins, and specially selected terpenes are way easier to use thanks to the developed day and night formulas. CBD oil No.9: Awake improves concentration and reduces the feeling of sleepiness during the day, which may accompany chronic stress. On the other hand, CBD oil NO.1O: Sleep makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. Thanks to this combo, even the least experienced CBD user will be able to reap all the benefits of taking CBD for stress without experience and specialist knowledge. You just need to stick to the daytime - nighttime routine.


Stress, even though it is something completely normal, does not have to lead our lives. You just need to reach for natural solutions, which include the use of CBD. The healing properties of this substance in the context of reducing stress are confirmed by further research, which makes cannabidiol a very promising substitute for commercial drugs. However, it is worth remembering to choose the best quality CBD oils, behind which stands a reliable and aware company. Then it is definitely a game worth a candle.


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