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Pure Iso is the highest quality CBD Isolate oil with zero THC. Made from our organic hemp, is a perfect choice for those who can not use a product with even slight amounts of THC. THC-free CBD Oil will also be a great pick for medical patients and professional athletes tested by WADA.

EXP date: 05.2024
CBD Concentration: ISO.15 - 1500 MG
How to Use

Using the dropper, place 0.5-1 ml (1 full dropper = 1 ml) of oil under your tongue. Hold CBD in place for at least 30 seconds, then swallow. It sounds weird, but it works.

Repeat 2-3 times per day as needed. Everyone is different; experiment to determine what works best for you.


Ingredients in 1 ml of CBD Oil ISO.15

  • CBd Isolate from Cannabis sativa L. - 50 mg,
  • Organic MCT Oil

Ingredients in 1 ml of CBD Oil ISO.30

  • CBD Isolate from Cannabis sativa L. - 100 mg,
  • Organic MCT Oil

Lab test results
CBD Concentration: ISO.15 - 1500 MG
Hand holding a bottle of CBD oil ISO 15 against a backdrop of an urban landscape with a river.
Bottle of CBD oil ISO 15 on a green background, held between fingers.

Who is CBD Isolate Oil Designed For?

If you follow a strict medical guidelines or you are drug tested on a daily basis as a member of the uniformed services or a professional athlete, CBD Isolate is your only available option to take advantage of medical benefits of cannabinoids. That's why we decided to introduce the highest quality CBD isolates, as always at an accessible price point.

0% THC
Neutral taste
Clean CBD
0% THC
Neutral taste
Clean CBD
0% THC
Neutral taste
Clean CBD

Key Ingredients

How to Dose CBD Oil

Proper dosing of CBD is a crucial issue that conditions its effectiveness. Unfortunately, just as each of us is different, so are the methods of dosing. Finding your own scheme is the key to success.

In the video below from Eir Health's Scientific Corner series, we help you smoothly and pleasantly navigate the process of selecting the right CBD dosage.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question below, remember that you can always contact us directly.


Cannabidiol initially coexists with numerous hemp-derived compounds, which need to be removed in the production process to obtain the purest form of CBD isolate. How does this process unfold? Initially, it's not much different from producing full-spectrum oil. However, after standard extraction comes purification, which separates CBD from other active substances produced by the hemp plants. In the final phase, the isolated CBD is combined with MCT oil to facilitate intake and improve absorption.


There's strength in numbers! The coexistence of various substances (cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, flavonoids) allows them to interact, potentially enhancing their effectiveness. By using full-spectrum cannabinoid oils, we benefit from the best of the synergy effect, which is not the case with isolates. Therefore, taking isolated forms of CBD is limited to the properties characteristic of cannabidiol itself, rather than the interaction of various hemp substances.


Like any product, CBD isolate has its pros and cons. Some may choose this variant of CBD for its purity, lack of trace THC, absence of taste and smell, or greater accuracy in measuring doses. Others might prefer the more natural composition of full-spectrum oil and its enhanced effects due to the synergy effect.