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CBD Oil: Broad Spectrum

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Choosing the right oil-based CBD can be a slippery slope. We make it simple. From field through lab to container, we oversee each hemp plant that goes into this bottle. We leave out the additives and chemicals, then refine THC to 0%. All that’s left is all that’s good.
CBD Concentration: 600 MG | Low-Potency CBD
How to Use

Using the dropper, place 0.5-1 ml (1 full dropper = 1 ml) of oil under your tongue. Hold CBD in place for at least 30 seconds, then swallow. It sounds weird, but it works.

Repeat 2-3 times per day as needed. Everyone is different; experiment to determine what works best for you.


Ingredients in 1 ml of CBD Oil NO.6

  • Cannabis sativa L. - 20 mg,
  • Organic MCT Oil

Ingredients in 1 ml of CBD Oil NO.15

  • Cannabis sativa L. - 50 mg,
  • Organic MCT Oil

Ingredients in 1 ml of CBD Oil NO30

  • Cannabis sativa L. - 100 mg,
  • Organic MCT Oil
Lab test results
CBD Concentration: 600 MG | Low-Potency CBD

Who Should Reach for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is the most versatile product in our range. It is an excellent support for people dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, and increased stress levels.

Higher concentrations (NO.15 and NO.30) are a good choice for experienced users and those seeking additional support in treating specific medical conditions under the care of a specialist doctor.

Natural product
Less stress
Improved Well-being
Natural product
Less stress
Improved Well-being
Natural product
Less stress
Improved Well-being

From Seed to Bottle: Experience Our Authentic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 🌿

Our CBD Oils are cultivated from organic hemp farms located in the heart of Poland. We adhere to a strict no-pesticides, no-chemicals approach in our cultivation process.

Every crop undergoes meticulous scrutiny by our Control Department, ensuring only the finest plants are selected to produce our top-quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

✔️ Formulated by expert pharmacists
✔️ Superior CO2 extraction method
✔️ Manufactured in GMP-certified laboratories
✔️ Rigorously tested in independent labs
✔️ 100% vegan-friendly

Key Ingredients

How to Dose CBD Oil

Proper dosing of CBD is a crucial issue that conditions its effectiveness. Unfortunately, just as each of us is different, so are the methods of dosing. Finding your own scheme is the key to success.

In the video below from Eir Health's Scientific Corner series, we help you smoothly and pleasantly navigate the process of selecting the right CBD dosage.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question below, remember that you can always contact us directly.


No. Eir Health's broad spectrum CBD oils contain CBD and other cannabinoids but are THC-free. While CBD may help you relax and feel better, it will do so without the intoxicating effects characteristic of THC.


Yes, there are no legal restrictions against driving after taking CBD. However, it's advisable to exercise caution when starting to use CBD and observe how your body reacts to it. This approach is recommended not only for CBD but also for other substances like painkillers, which can reduce alertness in some individuals.


hese terms often appear online and can cause confusion. While there is no strict definition, they generally refer to two different products. CBD oil (also known as CBD tincture) is an extract from cannabis flowers, rich in cannabinoids like CBD. Hemp oil is produced from hemp seeds, rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, but lacking valuable cannabinoids like CBD.


Yes! The purchase and use of Eir Health CBD oils are legal. As in most European countries, CBD oils available for sale cannot contain more than 0.2% THC (another cannabinoid). We have dedicated an article to this topic, which you can find here. You can rest assured that Eir Health CBD oils meet all legal requirements and their purchase and possession are as straightforward as buying vitamin D tablets.