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CBD Oil NO.9: Focus

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Discover our premium CBD oil featuring a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, specially formulated with terpenes to counteract any drowsiness associated with traditional CBD oils. Enhanced with essential vitamins D3 and K2, vital for supplementation during the autumn and winter months, and infused with pineapple extract, this product offers a light, refreshing taste and aroma. Perfect for maintaining wellness and vitality throughout the cooler seasons.
Concentration: 900 MG CBD + D3/K2 (pineapple)
How to Use

Using the dropper, place 1 ml (1 full dropper equals 1 ml) of the oil under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds, then swallow the rest. Due to the high content of hemp and lavender, the oil has a specific hemp-lavender aftertaste. If you take the oil every day, the bottle will last for 30 days. You can also try it with half of the recommended serving size.


Ingredients in 1 ml:

  • Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) - 30 mg,
  • Natural Pineapple extract - 10 mg,
  • Terpene formulation (Hemp) - 10 mg,
  • Vitamin D3: 2000 IU, Vitamin K2: 75 µg
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).
Lab test results
Concentration: 900 MG CBD + D3/K2 (pineapple)

CBD OIL NO.9: FOCUS for better concentration

Who should try CBD Oil NO.9: Focus

CBD Oil NO.9: Focus was specifically designed for individuals seeking to avoid the excessive relaxation and drowsiness that can result from using traditional CBD oils during the day. This unique formula combines natural ingredients known to positively impact stress reduction, anxiety relief, and overall well-being.

Understanding the need for an enjoyable daily CBD experience, the composition is further enhanced with a natural pineapple extract. This addition imparts a pleasant, light flavor and aroma to the oil, making its daily consumption a more delightful experience.

NO.9: Focus is perfect for those who want the benefits of CBD while maintaining alertness and focus throughout their day. Whether you're dealing with work stress, studying for exams, or simply need a mental boost, NO.9: Focus offers a refreshing and effective solution.

Less stress
Better focus
Pineapple flavor
Less stress
Better focus
Pineapple flavor
Less stress
Better focus
Pineapple flavor

Benefits of taking NO.9 ☀️

Our blend of active substances creates an oil that is a fantastic support during the dull, autumn and winter days.

🔆 Positively affects the reduction of stress, perceived anxiety levels, and inflammation.

🔆 Contains the daily recommended dose of key vitamins D3 and K2, providing anti-inflammatory effects and positively influencing mood.

🔆 Thanks to a selection of specialized terpenes, it does not induce drowsiness while being taken.

🔆 Fresh scent and taste, thanks to the addition of pineapple extract.

Key Ingredients

How NO.9: Focus affects the body

At Eir Health, we create our products based on conclusions drawn from reliable and current research. We combine active substances that genuinely impact our bodies in effective dosages.

Vitamin D3 May Reduce Negative Emotions (Especially in Patients with Depressive Disorders)

A meta-analysis of double-blind trials involving over 7,500 patients demonstrated a positive impact of Vitamin D3 supplementation on the level of negative emotions in patients diagnosed with depression and a deficiency of the vitamin. In Poland, depending on the study, it's assumed that vitamin D deficiencies during winter affect 80-90% of the adult population.

Study Link

Vitamin D Positively Influences the Immune System

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in regulating the immune system's function, and its deficiencies can lead to an increased risk of infections and the occurrence of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Study Link

Vitamin K Positively Affects Bones

In a randomized double-blind study, it was demonstrated that Vitamin K2 supplementation positively impacts bone mass, density, and health following transplants. Similar conclusions are drawn from other studies conducted in this field.

Study Links | Additional Study

CBD May Lower Anxiety Experienced During Public Speaking

A placebo-inclusive study on a group of 57 individuals showed that administering an appropriate dose of CBD significantly reduced the level of anxiety experienced by participants during public speaking events.

Study Link

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question below, remember that you can always contact us directly.

How Much Vitamin D3 is in NO.9 CBD Oil?

Each 1 ml of NO.9 CBD Oil contains 2000 IU of Vitamin D3, which is the recommended daily dose for an adult. Therefore, if you don't have any specific recommendations from your doctor, supplementing with NO.9 means you don't need to take additional Vitamin D3 supplements.

The situation is similar with Vitamin K2; 1 ml of NO.9 also contains the recommended daily dose of this vitamin.

I Have an Allergy to Pineapples, Can I Use NO.9?

No, if you are allergic to pineapples, we recommend using other oils from our range.

Can I Use NO.9 together with Other Oils?

Yes, NO.9 complements other oils such as NO.10 perfectly. NO.9 CBD Oil is intended for daytime use (we especially recommend taking it after meals), while NO.10 is for use before bedtime. You can also alternate NO.9 with our other oils as needed.